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Whether you need additional space for your household goods or your business, The Storage Barn offers a range of sizes from a 5x5 to a 12x55 and everything in between.

Our smaller units are perfect for storing holiday decoration, sports equipment or off season clothing. While our larger units can store the complete contents of your home, your recreational vehicles or serve as warehouse space for your business.

We offer many options to accomodate your needs and preferences. You can choose from drive up units, interior units, climate controlled units and units that offer lights and power. All easily accessible and on the ground level.

Our specialty units offer wider and taller door openings to accomodate for boats, trailers, campers and large RVs. Store your vehicle seasonally or year round with our convenient month to month lease.

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Outside Drive-Up Units

Outside Drive-Up Units offer the significant benefit of being able to drive right up to the door of your storage unit.

That way, you don’t have to make another trip from your car to the door of the building to the unit itself – convenient and ergonomic.

This will certainly save you money on moving day if you have movers who charge by the hour — which most of them do.

Indoor Storage Units

The main benefit of an indoor unit is that weather is never an issue.

Need to reorganize your unit? You’ll have a roof over your head each time, and your belongings are less susceptible to the outdoor elements each time you open your unit if you’re indoors.

You have an added layer of protection between your stuff and pests, water, and all the above.

The hallway lights will automatically turn on as you enter the building.

Contractor Units

Contractor Units are typically larger with higher bays and wider doors. They are equipped with lights and power.

Our contractor units come in both Climate Control and Non-Climate Control.

These units are great storage options for independent contractors like carpenters, painters, plumbers, etc., for storing tools and equipment, moving businesses, ample equipment storage, construction and building material storage, and vehicle fleet storage.

Boat and RV Storage

Boats, motorhomes, travel trailers, RVs, motorcycles, and cars. You may need to store your car or vehicle if you are going on vacation or other long trips.

Or perhaps you have a car you want to keep but are not currently using or don’t have parking space.

Climate-Controlled Units

Our climate control units are available with both interior and exterior access.

Typically you will find only interior access units on the market. However, we have installed special insulated doors to maintain temperatures between 50 and 80 degrees.

Our climate control units are humidity controlled and keep the humidity level around 40-50%.

In New Hampshire, we experience drastic temperature changes. You may want to protect your items from the damaging effects of extreme temperatures.

Sensitive items like wood furniture, antiques, and musical instruments can suffer from warping, splitting, or cracking due to constant temperature changes.

Additionally, fine art, books, or business records can also be damaged due to the highs and lows of temperature change.

Residential and Business Self Storage Solutions

Our storage units are ideal for both residential and commercial self storage needs

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